World Press Photo Festival in Amsterdam / by Savannah Dodd

In the second weekend of April I had the honour and privilege to attend the World Press Photo Awards and Festival in Amsterdam. This was an incredible experience to hear from award-winning documentary and press photographers about their own work, and to see the first display of the World Press Photo 2018 exhibition in full.

Heba Khamis' work on breast ironing in Cameroon struck me particularly. She discussed the decisions mothers in Cameroon face between inflicting pain on their daughters by ironing their breasts or allowing their breasts to grow, making them more vulnerable to sexual abuse.

I was also impressed by the collaborative multimedia work "Finding Home". This work followed the first year of life of a baby born as a refugee. This work raised a lot of questions for me and made me think, but the final product is a powerful, intimate portrayal of a family. Please take a look.

My favourite event of the weekend, however, was the coffee morning organised just for women in the industry. This was such a special experience to speak with other women about the challenges they face and to learn from their experiences of how they have each dealt with them. It was incredibly empowering for women to have such an opportunity to get together, validate our collective experience as female photographers, and build each other up.