Share Uganda / by Savannah Dodd


10 years ago, my husband Chris was part of a team that set up an NGO called Share Uganda. Today the organisation provides hundreds of households in rural southern Uganda with mosquito nets to protect them from malaria-carrying mosquitos that attack at night. Very excitingly, they will soon be opening a health clinic to provide accessible medical care for the local community.

After nearly three years of hearing all about this organisation and the amazing community that supports their work, I finally had the opportunity to see it for myself. 

Traveling with the Malaria Prevention Project Team through the local villages was an impressive experience. Although there are still gaps in coverage and families yet to be incorporated into the programme, the way that mosquito net usage has been incorporated into the lives of people in the community was outstanding. I came along on these interventions as a documentarian, photographing the activities of the team and the implementation of the programme.

I additionally had the pleasure of creating photography ethics guidelines and conducting staff training for Share Uganda as a client of the Photography Ethics Centre. The guidelines and training were very well received!