Blank page / by Savannah Dodd


The turn of a year is like the turn of a page.

It's like that feeling you get when you open a leather-bound journal. The pages are off-white and weighty, and you feel that every word you write on them should equal in weight and depth. It's terrifying to be faced with a blank page, even one like this, backlight and autosaved every twenty seconds.

New Years resolutions have never been my strength, but I've been thinking a lot about the kinds of things I'd like to incorporate into my workflow this year. The first of which is this very post.

Every month I'll write updates about my photography, and likely some musings about life. (I'll try - and fail - to keep them brief.) Feel free to contact me to let me know if something strikes you! I'm always keen to have a chat.

2016 recap

If you haven't been diligently stalking my Facebook page, I imagine you may have missed some of the exciting ways in which my photography has grown over the last year! Here's a brief recap of what my 2016 was all about.

First off and most importantly, I moved from Thailand to Northern Ireland. Although it probably sounds like I literally moved in the wrong direction, I am loving my new life in Northern Ireland. Belfast has opened up so many opportunities to me, from exhibitions to publications.

On the topic of exhibitions, in 2016 gave me the chance to open two solo exhibitions, one in Thailand and one in Northern Ireland. The first exhibited Sacred Spaces as part of the F/28 Chiang Mai Month of Photography, and the second exhibited Election Day at the John Hewitt Bar. My work was also featured in three curated exhibitions in Bangor, Northern Ireland, in Los Angeles, California, and in Saint Charles, Missouri.

Belfast has also paved the way for me to begin selling my work at art fairs! These fairs have been so much fun and have led me to meet some incredible artists. If you are in Belfast, you should definitely come around to the next one!

Last but certainly not least, for the very first time, my photography has been printed in a journal! Here in Belfast there is a brand new journal for the arts called The Tangerine. Four of my photographs were printed in the first edition.

What's on tap for 2017

First and foremost in my mind for 2017 is my upcoming trip to Vietnam. I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to live in Hanoi for two months, and I anticipate full creative flow in the new environment. As preparation for the trip, I've decided it's time to invest in a lens that can give me a wider angle, so I'm currently in the throes of an online shopping crisis.

But besides that, my lips are sealed! Stay tuned to my Facebook page for more news coming very soon ... particularly in regard to publications (hint, hint)